The 4.400” bore 130”
and 140” El Brutos®
are engines that defy
description to those
who have not yet
experienced this level of
Horsepower & Torque.
This is the correct answer
for the customer who
demands the highest
performance available.
Born In The U.S.A.™

Rated Power
130 C.I. / 150 HP
with 160 LB FT Torque.

Rated Power
140 C.I. 160 HP
with 175 LB FT Torque.

140 CI Engine
Ultima Long Rod 130 Engine
Ultima Long Rod 140 Engine

130 CI
Bore: 4.400           
Stroke: 4.250
Press Pin Crank W 8” Rods
Piston: Forged Flat Top w/.927 Pins
Compression: 10.0:1
Camshaft: .640 Lift
CNC Ported Oval Port H.O. Heads
2.300” Int  1.800” Ex Valves
Chrome Billet  Reed Valve Rocker Boxes
Billet Oil Pump                                   
Ignition is installed on assemble engines
Does not include Carburetor
Rated Power 150 HP—160 Lb Ft Torque

140 CI
Bore: 4.400
Stroke: 4.625
Press Pin Crank w/ 8” Rods
Piston: Forged Flat Top w/ 927 Pins
Compression: 10.8:1
Cam Shaft: .640” Lift
CNC Ported Oval Port H.O. Heads
2.300” Int  1.800” Ex Valves
Chrome Billet  Reed Valve Rocker Boxes
Billet Oil Pump
Ignition is installed on assemble engines
Includes 48mm Mikuni Carburetor
Rated Power 165 HP—170 Lb Ft Torque

El Bruto® Competition Series
Ultima Long Rod 130 and 140 CI  Engines
Ultima has put together our first High Output Engine packages for the most demanding performance enthusiast. All Engines feature our heavy duty C355 Castings and Dynamic Balanced Press Pin Crank Shafts. This is a difficult engine to describe the performance level to anyone who hasn’t had it and this is the correct answer for the customer who demands the highest performance availible. These Engines are available in both Assemble Complete and Unassembled Long blocks.
Things you must know
You must have a frame that can accept an engine 5/8” taller than a stock Evo.
You must have heavy-duty drive train components.
Limited warranty.
Rated Power: is based on using a very large bore Carb such as the 48mm Mikuni or S&S D series and Hooker Step Tuned  Short Staggered Dual Ex. Other Combinations will change the power level attainable
Made In U.S.A. Cast-in steel inserts guaranteed not to move. Large bore breather for increased crank case vacuum and less blow by. 1/2” Alignment dowels for true line bore. Counterbored stainless allen head case bolts. Close machining tolerances. Made from prime C355-T6 aluminum that is superior in strength to A356. Styling and cosmetic machining for a custom look.
Our New state of the art designed crankshaft incorporates a massive 1.670 diameter pin that is pressed into the one piece, heat treated, 4140 steel flywheel half making these crankshafts some of the strongest available on the market today. These crankshafts feature all new 8.0” long H-Beam rods with .927 diameter wrist pins to handle all the power you can throw at them. These are also balanced using our exclusive methods making these some of the smoothest engines in the industry.
C355-T6 Casting. Cast in liners will not move. . All fins are machined for an excellent cosmetic appearance.
Cylinder Head
C355-T6 Casting. All fins are machined for excellent cosmetic appearance. Twin Cam Styling means 30% more fin than most Evolution® style heads for cooler running. Compression release valves. 2.300 stainless intake valves, 1.800 stainless exhaust valves. CNC ported.  Manganese Bronze guides. High silicon wire valve spring with chromoly retainer.

130 CI Complete Engine
#298-220  Complete 130 CI Engine, Natural
#298-221  Complete 130 CI Engine, Black
#298-222  Complete 130 CI Engine, Polished           

130 CI Long Block Unassembled
#298-223  130 CI Long Block, Natural
#298-224  130 CI Long Block, Black
#298-225  130 CI Long Block, Polished

140 CI Complete Engine
#298-243  Complete 140 CI Engine, Natural
#298-244  Complete 140 CI Engine, Black
#298-245  Complete 140 CI Engine, Polished
140 CI Long Block Unassembled
#298-240  140 CI Long Block, Natural
#298-241  140 CI Long Block, Black
#298-242  140 CI Long Block, Polished