Ultima Products.htm TEAM CYCLE USA motorcycle kit specialist for 20 years, Team Cycle can put a motorcycle kit together for you using top or the line products the way you want it to assemble yourself, or we will assemble it for you to pick up at a price that will amaze you. Get the custom you want for thousands less. There is no reason for you to shop around, nobody beats our prices using top of the line products, HD OEM or better, what we sell we use on our own custom builds from our own warehouse stock.

Shop till ya drop your not going to find a better deal on anything for your motorcycling life style anywhere unless its imported junk. Use the search below to search the net or search our site and see, then CONTACT us. Our bikes don't take a back seat to any on the road.

Customer references available, to see complete kits being assembled start to finish go HERE

Complete kit catalog custom parts & accessories HERE

Brose through the photos of kits we have assembled for customers to their specs. These assembled kits are made up from the standard kits and put together like the customer wanted with the additions and upgrades specified. Send us a photo of a bike you like and would like to have and we will get it together for you to assemble, or add $2,500 to kit cost and we assemble with one color paint, tested and ready for you to pick up.

Kit cost range form $12,000 to $14.500 unassembled depending on style. Stock, Custom, Chopper, Hard Tail, Soft Tail, Wide Tire, 100 to 175 HP to ground. Add $2,500.00 to kit cost for assembly, one color paint.

CONTACT here and tell us what you want and we send you a price back that can not be beat. Every bike shown here was built for between $12,000 and $18,000 at home or assembled by us. Engine sizes 100 to 150 hp to ground.



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This bike built (rolling thunder) for customer is for sale, low miles with a 127 / 150 hp to ground engine, 6 speed. Building him a trike now


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SILVER HORSE Home built by Eric Shull 04/08

Mark Renic Home Build 08/09 (see that Harley in background it cost a more new and has a lot less power)



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